STANDARD CHARTERED ARTS IN THE PARK 2018, November 3 – 4, 2018 at Victoria Park

Hong Kong’s largest outdoor youth arts festival and puppet parade returns on 3 and 4 November! Its also FREE !

Inspired by the beloved children’s classic The Wizard of OzStandard Chartered Arts in the Park brings all-time favourite characters to life like you’ve never experienced before. Celebrate the adventures of Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion with mesmerising illuminated artworks, spectacular giant puppet parades, thrilling stage performances, art stalls and so much more. Brace yourself through the hurricane for a spectacular weekend of visual and sensorial art experiences for all ages!

If you are taking the MTR, we recommend entering Victoria Park from the Tin Hau station as its much less crowded!


Date: 03/11/2018 (Sat)
Time: 8:30pm-9:45pm
Venue: Hysan Avenue to Kai Chiu Road, Causeway Bay
Fee: Free Admission
Suitable for: All ages
Note: From Lee Garden One through Yun Ping Road, Pak Sha Road and Kai Chiu Road to Hysan Place and back

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(Aug 10, 2018) Harbour City X SNARKITECTURE “BOUNCE” interactive Installation Event Details

This summer, Harbour City teams up with SNARKITECTURE, the renowned New York-based collaborative and innovative design studio, to create their first interactive art installation in Hong Kong – “BOUNCE”. It is a tailor made art campaign from the idea of enlarging the ordinary bouncy ball to combine with their signature “pure and white design” staging on Harbour City’s unique outdoor location from 10 Aug to 2 Sep, 2018. Meanwhile, an installation featuring a massive invasion of balls is also held at the Gallery by the Harbour.

Harbour City X SNARKITECTURE “BOUNCE” Interactive Installation

Date: 10 /8 – 2/9/2018

Time: 11am to 7:30pm (Each session starts from 00:00 and 00:30)

Location: Ocean Terminal Forecourt, Harbour City

Each Session Times: 20minutes*

Fee: Free

Remark: Quota applies for each session. Participants can get the entry ticket one hour before each session. First come, first served, limited quota, while stock last.

Please reference to our poster for more details

Gallery by the Harbour will also echo with the theme “BOUNCE” and use the massive invasion of white and silver large spheres to fill up the gallery. Visitors can enter the world of bouncy balls and take photos of the special design and installation. Besides, the gallery is also selling the limited edition merchandise of the exhibition which includes “BOUNCE” tee, pin and bouncy balls.

SNARKITECTURE – Massive Invasion of Balls at Gallery by the Harbour

Date: 10 /8 – 2/9/ 2018

Time: 11am – 10pm

Location: “Gallery by the Harbour” (Shop 207, Level 2, Ocean Centre, Harbour City)

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CLLE YWCA: Autumn Term Enrolment – 1 August 2018 女青活學中心: 秋季課程接受報名 – 2018年8月1日

CLLE would like to remind its Annual Pass Holders and non-Annual Pass Holders of the latest ‘Early Online Enrolment Benefit’ enabling a quicker enrolment process through our easy-to-use online system. With just a few clicks, you can now take advantage of the new APH benefit by applying or renewing your APH with the CLLE.

On 1st August 2018 (Wed), 10:00AM is the first day of the early online enrolment exclusive for CLLE Annual Pass Holders only. This means to say that it’s strictly no ‘walk-ins’ should you wish to enroll early for a particular course. Kindly take note of our new CLLE website Our website is best viewed using Firefox and avoid using Internet Explorer upon registration online. Please click here to view the online enrolment procedure for your reference.

If you’re not an Annual Pass Holder (APH) and not in a hurry, you can always pop in on 3rd August 2018 (Fri) and see us on the 3rd Floor of 1 MacDonnell Road, Hong Kong or enroll online. To become a CLLE APH, simply complete the Annual Pass Holder online registration form – detail guideline or submit a completed Annual Pass Application Form. Alternatively, you can pop into the CLLE office.

For information on our Autumn term (Sep-Dec) schedules, please visit our website and browse courses through various listed categories.

See important dates below:

1st August (Wed) 10AM to 2nd August (Thursday) – Start of early online enrolment exclusive to Annual Pass Holder’s (APH) only.
3rd  August (Fri), 9AM – Open to public enrolment


Important Reminder – Increase of Annual Pass Holder Fees:

This is to notify you for general information regarding the increase of Annual Pass Holder fees effective Autumn term 2018 enrolment date to as follows:

Pass Type Current Fees (HKD) New Fees (Effective Autumn Term 2018 Enrolment Date)
Family 500 600
Individual 250 300
Concession 50 60


女青活學中心向所有的年證持有人 / 非年證持有人提醒我們的「優先網上報名功能」,以簡單快捷的方式報讀課程!如欲申請成為年證持有人或更新年證,只需要於線上登記或提交活學專享年證申請表,同時亦可親臨本中心接待處查詢。


2018秋季 (9月至12月) 課程快將開始,可點擊此處連結到本會網站查看最新課程資料。



81(星期三) 上午10時正 8月2日(星期四) – 女青活學年證持有人專享優先網上報讀

8月3日 (星期五) 上午9時正 – 公開接受報名


請注意,2018年8月1日(星期三)早上10時 是年證持有人網上優先報名日,所有報名必須於網上進行。請登入女青活學中心網站 – 使用網上報名服務 ,閣下亦可按此瀏覽網上報名流程以供參考。如閣下尙未成為年證持有人,或以其他報名方式如郵寄、電郵、親身報名都必須等候至2018年8月3日(星期五) 公開報名日才能進行。


重要提示 – 年證費用增加:



年證類別 舊費用(HKD) 新費用


家庭 500 600
個人 250 300
長者 50 60
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(July 21, 2018) Clean The World Asia Fun Festival

A charity exhibition and festival where you can sign-up for a photography workshop (parent can pair up with your children), soap art, assemble hygiene kits and get hand massages. There will be F&B stations too. Come and enjoy a day out at Hive Spring a wonderful creative space just 10mins from Admiralty station! All proceeds go to soap & hygiene educationfor the low-income communities in Hong Kong.



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Between 29 June to 29 July, the Incredibles’ new headquarters will be replicated at Times Square in Causeway Bay, where fans can have fun, interact and take selfies with the most famous family of heroes and their allies.

Disney • Pixar’s “Incredibles 2” Special Exhibition Details
Date: 29 June – 29 July, 2018
Time: 10:00am to 10:00pm
Location: G/F Open Piazza at Times Square at Causeway Bay
• Incredible 4-meter tall Jack-Jack figure
• The Incredibles Family Interactive Zones
• Jack-Jack Zone
• The Battle Zone
• “LEGO Disney•Pixar’s The Incredibles” PlayStation 4 Experience

“Incredibles 2” Meet-and-Greet Flash Mob featuring Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl or Frozone
Date: 21-22 July and 28-29 July 2018
Time: 3:00pm, 4:45pm and 6:00pm

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(June 22,2018) Hong Kong Space Museum Renovation of Permanent Exhibition Halls

Covering a total area of 1,600 square metres, the “Hall of the Cosmos” and “Hall of Space Exploration” house a hundred new exhibits of which about 70 per cent are interactive design. With the aid of interesting hands-on exhibits and advanced equipment coupled with lighting effects and environmental decorations, the exhibition introduces astronomy and space science in a vivid approach.

The “Hall of the Cosmos” on the ground floor showcases the Universe from near to far, travelling from the solar system that we are living in, to the stars, Milky Way and galaxies further away and exploring the science and evolution of the universe all along the way. The “Aurora” exhibit allows visitors to adjust the strength of solar wind inside a vacuum tube to create an aurora on an Earth model. “Icy Bodies” creates comets with dry ice to simulate their jets and movements. “Big Bang Theatre” displays the evolution of the Universe from the Big Bang to the present era. “Gravity Surfing” allows visitors to stand on surfing boards to venture through different celestial objects to understand the warping of space by gravity.

The “Hall of Space Exploration” on the first floor depicts the development of space exploration and space technology. You may enter an upside down virtual space station to experience the disorientation feeling in weightlessness environment or drive yourself by turning a fixed steering wheel in “Action and Reaction” so as to understand the reaction principle in rocket propulsion.

To provide a better visiting experience, admission to the exhibition halls will be arranged by sessions with limited quota for each session.

香港太空館設有兩個展覽廳,分別為「宇宙展覽廳」和「太空探索展覽廳」,合共面積1 600平方米,當中設置約一百件新展品,其中約有七成屬互動展品。展覽透過有趣的互動展品和先進儀材,配合燈光效果和環境布置,介紹天文及太空科技新知。






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(May 31,2018) Core Park will come back in July
Thank you for all your supports. We got lots of inquires about when will the park open again this summer. So now we are here to announce the aqua park will come back on July with a new set up!!Hold on your horses. Keep follow our page and we will launch more details once we are ready! See you all SOON!!!!


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