Anastassia’s Art House 1A Wong Nai Chung Rd, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
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Cost : $2,520
Listing Type : Arts & Crafts
Age Group : 3-5 years
Time : 9:30-10:30/ 10:45-11:45
Day of the Week : Saturday
Duration : 60 mins
Start Date : 13/01/2018
End Date : 24/03/2018
No of Sessions : 9
Drop in Available? : Yes
Languages : English
Time of Day : Morning, Weekend

Anastassia’s Art House is Hong Kong’s only Russian Art Academy offering Art Education of the highest standards. Our mission is exposing Hong Kong to the vast wealth of Russian & Western cultural heritage in Fine Art. The prime Russian Art Education we offer encapsulates the long tradition of academic excellence pursued in the Russian Art Academies that have produced some of the world’s greatest artists over the centuries.

The Academy offers a wide range of classes for children and adults since 1998. Our teaching approach is inimitable and one of a kind in Hong Kong. It offers a perfect balance between introducing the structured elements and techniques a student needs in order to reach a high level of technical competency, while emphasizing on creativity, imagination and individuality.

The Director of the Academy, Anastassia Katafygiotis, is a leading Russian Artist whose stunning artworks grace numerous art collections around the world.


The Art Discovery Introduction to the Arts is a thematically-based selection of art projects specifically geared towards younger children’s interests and abilities.

Using a theme chosen to captivate the younger mind, each week’s session is designed to introduce, develop, and enhance artistic skills while encouraging the child’s native creative abilities.

Our popular Art Discovery program is devoted to the discovery of painting, printing, pasting, paper collage, construction and modeling projects, and uses a range of different art materials, such as watercolour, acrylic & tempera paints; oil & soft pastels; pens; paper; color paper & clay.

New things are an exciting DISCOVERY at a young age and our art program is a journey into new territories, creative and educational.

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