Art House Creative Art Play 1A Wong Nai Chung Rd, Happy Valley, Hong Kong
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Cost : $3,080
Listing Type : Arts & Crafts
Location : Happy Valley
Age Group : 3
Time : 9:30-10:30 or 15:00-16:00 on Tue; or 15:00-16:00 on Wed/ Thu
Day of the Week : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Duration : 60 mins
Start Date : 10/10/2017
End Date : 21/12/2017
No of Sessions : 11
Drop in Available? : Yes
Languages : English
Time of Day : Morning, Aftenoon, Weekday

There’s more to art than finger painting! The exciting Creative Art Play course offers a unique curriculum and an introduction of Art to toddlers, through colours, shapes, texture and different art media. It aims to develop, enhance and nourish their creative minds and interest in art starting at a very young age.

The course is a structured play through structured art projects, which are specifically made for this age group, including drawing, painting, paper-mache, colouring, dying, construction, modelling & craft making. Students will learn how to work with their fingers and hands, to better develop their physical motor skills and independency in self-growth without the presence of their parents.

Creative Art Play will stimulate their sensory and build up their hand-eye coordination through different art materials such as watercolour, acrylic & tempera paints, oil & soft pastels, colour pencils, pens, paper, craft paper and paper-mache. They will use and be introduced to different tools & techniques through themes such as animals, style of masters, still life, landscape & nature, while enjoying the art of creation & play.

All art activities are designed to create a free and creative environment for your toddler to fully express themselves. Through the interaction with the teacher and the art-making process, they will take away a wonderful experience and continue their artistic journey ahead.


G/F, 1A Wong Nai Chung Road, Happy Valley
Telephone 2838 0040
Fax 2838 0070
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