ART JAM PAINTING PARTY 10 Hollywood Rd, Central, Hong Kong
Posted on August 1, 2018 / 637
Cost : $3,800
Listing Type : Arts & Crafts
Location : Kwun TongCentral
Age Group : 3+
Day of the Week : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Drop in Available? : Yes
Languages : English
Time of Day : Evening

Childhood is a great big canvas, and children should be allowed to throw all the paint they can on it. Besides, there is no right or wrong when doing art, the only thing kids need to prepare for art jam is their creativity and imagination.

With all the tools provided and a free-flowing acrylic paint buffet at our workshop, children can express their thoughts and feelings in drawings. Also, they can experiment with mixing colors, difference between light and dark and different types of painting materials, therefore developing their color sensitivity and designing skills.

Package for 10 HKD3800
Each additional $320

Suitable for 3 years old or above
Duration : 90mins + Set up 30mins

Package including:
• 45 x 45cm canvas for kid paint (as complimentary gift x 10)
• Set up
• Tutors (Ratio 1:10)
• Packaging boxExtra Services (optional)
• e-Invitation card and welcome signage 45cm x 65cm with production
$500 for standard design
$800 for custom design
• Group handprint drawing on 50cm x 70cm canvas
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