Storytime at Santa’s Secret Kingdom, Sunday December 9, 2018
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The Elves are very excited to open the doors again at, the original, Santa’s Secret Kingdom!

Will you come and join us for a very special storytime?

Last year Santa was delighted that so many families helped to find his Magic Sack and save Christmas! He wanted to give the ‘Nice List’ families a special treat to say ‘thank you’! One night as Santa read the Elves their bedtime story the idea came to them – what better Christmas treat than a magical story with Santa!!

So…Santa’s favourite Christmas story book is on it’s way and the Elves have no idea which one it is. They are VERY excited and can’t wait to find out! Come and join them on the book’s arrival day and find out together! What will it be? What will it involve? Will the Elves be able to control their excitement before getting the book to Santa? Definitely NOT!

Come and create everlasting magical Christmas memories in our very exciting, no glitter spared, tinsel wrapped, gingerbread scented, Elf saturated, fully interactive, Christmas adventure for all the family!

Event details:

Upon buying tickets to ‘Storytime at Santa’s Secret Kingdom’ the parent/guardian will receive full details in email confirmation whilst the children will receive a personalised letter and map, in the post, inviting them and their family to come for a special visit!



Santa’s Secret Kingdom

Top secret location

Quarry Bay


During the magical one hour experience families will first be met by a very excited Elf who will whisk them off to the multi sensory world of wonder that is Santa’s Secret Kingdom!

With all the excitement of the arrival of the new book the little people will be given their very own special Elf listening ears – to make sure they get all the details of the story! The Elves will keep everyone entertained with their silliness, games, activites (we couldn’t miss out on everyone’s favourite – cookie decorating, of course!) and lots and lots of FUN!

The story, that the Elves just couldn’t wait to start reading, will be finished off by our favourite, very jolly, round tummied, white bearded man who will give one last task whilst he spends some individual time with each family. For the most magical part of all, watch the children’s faces light up as, on entering Santa’s front room, he will be reading the letter that the children have already sent – how?!

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